The more I ignore him. . .

He must be really bored and desperate. Why is he still calling me? I don't answer the phone, I don't return his call and yet he keeps calling. Usually after his 2nd or 3rd message I'll call him back. He called me Halloween weekend. I didn't return his call. Then he called me the Monday/Tuesday after that. So I waited until last Saturday, the 6th to call him. He didn't answer, much to my relief so I left a message. He waited two days before he called me back. So I didn't answer and he left another message. I ignored it. Then he called me last night and I didn't answer. Then he called me again today and again I ignored the phone. He left me a message today, can't remember if he did yesterday or not. I haven't even listened to his latest message yet. Yeesh.

It's HT, those of you who have been following this blog awhile know him well. The one who won't go away. Probably because I'm the only woman in town he hasn't run off with his rude manners. If you can even call them manners. If you want to catch up on the HT story, I think you can do a search of my blog in the blogger bar at the top of the page.

I'm surreptitiously writing this post while my mother sleeps on my floor, only two feet away. (She came up here to do my laundry! She really does love me--BTW investing in an old lady shopping cart is worth every penny!! I didn't have to carry my 80 pounds of clothes the 3 blocks to the laundromat. But I've learned that the holes in the cart are big enough for socks and underwear to fall through. It's not cool to have to pick up your panties off the asphalt of a busy street. Next time I'll line the cart with a laundry bag like the other ladies do.) So, Mom has no knowledge of this blog and things need to stay that way. That's my excuse for being too lazy to type in some links for you.

I still have to write about the last time HT took me to dinner a few weeks ago. I want to get rid of him because he's just no fun, completely inconsiderate and I always feel depressed after I'm with him. I only called him back after his first message because he told me he has cancer. Rather, he had it, it was skin cancer and they cut it off his arm, end of story. And last time I saw him he had a sunburn so it's his own dang fault. Who doesn't wear sunscreen AFTER getting skin cancer?

Wow, I never finished my Atlanta story either. No one knows what happened with George that weekend. I am the Queen of Tease. Hey, you don't stay a virgin this long without learning some skills.

My mom snores! Who knew? You know what's a fun trick? Sending your mom cab directions to your house by email then having her call you to say she can't believe where you're living and that she nearly croaked when she read it. And then listening to her prattle on about how scary my neighborhood is and she can't believe I moved here. Gave me a good laugh. When I asked how she knew, she said she's read about it in detective novels and seen it in TV cops shows and movies. I thought she would be reassured when I told her about the police truck parked in front of the building but I think that upset her even more. Come on, how much safer can you get than to have a marked armored police surveillance truck right outside your front door?

SUNDAY UPDATE: Whoa, he called me twice today too. Something serious must be going down. I suppose I should listen to his messages.

For those who don't know: HT is not trying to date me. He made it as clear as possible for him last time we were together that he doesn't want to date me. He is using me as female company, but of course does not want to lose me as a romantic possibility so he won't cut me off.

*MONDAY UPDATE* True to form, HT confuses. Friday he called to say he wanted his book back, one he had lent me, because he wanted to lend it to someone else. Then he called me again on Sunday to see if I wanted a ride to Stake Conference. The third call of Sunday evening is unaccounted for since he didn't leave a message. I'll call him on Tuesday and arrange a time when he can get his book back. I'm betting he has some drama with another woman and he wants to talk to me about it. He might genuinely be worried about me since he knows I don't answer the phone when I'm depressed (when he calls anyway). But that's kind of far-fetched since he's not big on consideration.

WEDNESDAY After dropping mom off and while waiting for my train at the JFK station, I called HT. I said I got his message about his book, that he wanted to lend it to someone. He said he did but now he can't remember who he wanted to loan it to. He asked how I was doing. Then he had to go because he was driving ms. daisy today (Ms. Violet). He said he'd call me later. Hmmmm.

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetic exploits of me not having sex in the city.