Merry Thanksgiving !

While away from the city and my computer for the holidays I got a little nervous about the blog. I wondered how foolish it was for me to publish the romantic developments in my life while they occur, especially because of google. Two months ago, one random Google search having NOTHING to do with my blog led to its most humiliating discovery by one of my blog subjects who now hates me because of it. I've considered removing CitC from the Google index. But, I get a lot of traffic via Google so I'm reluctant to do that. The next best idea is for me to limit my dating posts to past events, ones that I don't care about getting exposed. I had planned that originally but new stuff kept happening and ....well, I wrote about them here. I think this is a wise move. But my self discipline leaves much to be desired, I probably can't stick to such a rule.

For example, right now. The J-boy called me on Thanksgiving Day. I missed the call so he sent me a text message instead of a voice mail. Thus, he broke two standards of dating coolness. 1. If your new love interest goes on a trip, you do not call her cell phone or hotel, etc. He knew I was out of town and called me anyway, after only one date. Highly unusual. People tend not to call their travelling love interest until AFTER the DTR (define the relationship talk), or at least after several months of dating. And if someone wants to call before the DTR, they will usually set it up beforehand, i.e. "Why don't you call me while I'm in..." or "Should I call you while you are in..."

He made no such inquiry beforehand, nor did I. This was a VERY BOLD move and impressed me much. It signals definite interest. The second standard he violated: 2. Do not call your new love interest on a major holiday. You just don't do it this early on because it says that you are interested in something serious, as opposed to the casual bootycall. Most people can't stomach making a statement like that after only one date. It's not psycho because we have known each other for two years. But, it's still incredibly bold and way cool.

The import of the call was slightly lessened when I found out he'd been alone all day eating tuna fish. It's a bigger deal when someone takes time away from their family on a holiday to call you. Regardless, he still called me knowing full well he might be interrupting my holiday revelries.

Cynicism runs deep down into my bones. I found it difficult to accept this boy's implicit declaration of interest. There really is no way to rationalize it into anything else. Finding myself incapable of explaining it away, I did the next best thing. I made it less impressive. What if he found my blog? And it was reading about himself that gave him the guts to call me? I took this idea so seriously it made me nervous. I assumed he might have found it because nice guys just don't take risks like that. Long shot? Yes. Except, when we talked on Thanksgiving night he told me he had been on the internet earlier. Paranoia? I'd say yes, but I knew when my blog got discovered last time. I guessed based on a similar unlikelihood and guessed correctly. Whatever, this doesn't matter.

Fact is, he called me and he's interested, for now. And I don't plan to write anymore posts about him soon, just in case.