Happy New Year!!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!!!

I resolve to waste no more time on unworthy men. (See the archives for multiple examples of such.) Please feel free to remind me of this promise if it becomes necessary. Bang me over the head with it if I stray...

This time of the year is crazy busy for academics... I was giving exams then grading them then had to jump on a plane for my parent's city. And with the lovely transit strike on the 20th--exams got all screwed up. I just gave a make-up exam early today.

I didn't do anything for New Year's Eve which is a bit sad because it's my favorite holiday with Halloween. I had wanted to go to Berlin with my best friend but I didn't have the initiative to bother. I didn't even have the initiative to call any of my friends to see what they were up to. I stayed home and watched TV. So, 'send in the clowns. Maybe next year.'

Christmas was nice. Not the profound experience I had last year but that's to be expected. I'll post about my week in Ft. Lauderdale soon. It was nothing exciting though.

I love New Year's Eve because I love the idea of starting over. I like things to have a definite ending and a distinct beginning. That way, all my mistakes are gone and I get to try again. Especially after a bad year, the New Year feels significant and necessary. I've had quite a few memorable eve's. This year I didn't want any drama.

*Last New Years/2005 I spent quietly with the Reticent puppetmaster boy. (see psot below.) First I had a nice dinner with two girlfriends at Cozi's in Union Square then I went to Brooklyn Heights to the Boy's house. We walked over to the Promenade where we cuddled and watched the fireworks shot from the river. Then we kissed and cuddled the night away.
*2004 I spent traveling back from Florida and was on the subway when the ball dropped in Times Square. I was so angry about it that I called my father and cursed him out on his voicemail for flying me into Newark ( I lived in Harlem). That was very unreasonable and horrible of me. As a result he won't ever buy me a plane ticket again.
*2003 I meant to spend it with my unrequited love interest visiting from Georgia but he wanted to sleep through it so I left him to hang with my buds in the village and kissed another boy for an hour in the street....
*2002 my last year in Atlanta, my friend had a party. I got sick because my Marine boyfriend at the time was falling all over the gay guys and was way more interested in them than he was in me. He had more fun than I'd ever seen him have before. So I spent the night lying on my friend's bed in her room listening to the party. I dumped him a few days later.
*2001 I went to London with 3 of my best friends and my sister. We had an absolutely fabulous time. Even though the drunks the boys invited back to our flat robbed us. Before that we were singing and dancing in a pub near Euston Road
*2000 it was just me and my best friend. We spent 24 hours in indulgent decadence, rich foods, pajamas and a dozen movies. We had planned to travel to Philly but our friends there ditched us at the last minute to go to the Barbara Streisand concert in Las Vegas. Can you guess that they aren't straight men?
*1999* I think I went to a party at church. Yeah, it was a dance at the single's ward. Yuckie. It was the first dance after the last one where I met a really really cute and very tall boy. So I must have gone to see him. He was dumb as dirt but he was so cute it took me awhile to figure that out.

Beyond that I don't remember. 2000 was the year I decided to make New Year's a big deal. I have nothing to complain about for sitting this one out. Next year we will definitely go to Berlin. That will be awesome.