Songs of the Moment

 Parts and Labor: Nowhere's Nigh.
Favorite song from last year.  A band out of the Brooklyn scene. The trend is to play synthesizer a la 80s New Wave with punk guitar and rhythms. Also, very reminiscent of 90s Shoegazer music.  It's the perfect combo and makes me very happy.  Hooray for the death of Emo music!!! 

Warning: The songs below are not happy. They make me happy right now, but if you are in a cheerful mood, you might not want to play them. 

Crystal Castles: Not in Love.  
Can you tell who Featured the singer is? It's the inimitable Robert Smith from The Cure, of course!  It sounds like the perfect Cure tribute song, almost as though Robert Smith wrote it himself.

Low: Point of Disgust. 
This song actually came with my Windows Media Player, it's fairly old. I played it by accident a few nights ago. It felt  like my life put into song.  I played it on repeat for 3 hours.  It inspired me to write a scene in my novel.  Which worked so well at setting the tone that I've decided to always put on a song or songs with the mood I'm trying to evoke in whatever scene I'm writing.  

I've been busy lately. Teaching two classes, dealing with more legal and financial crisis, ebaying everything in my apartment that might sell and writing the novel. I wrote the synopsis last week, 9 pages. It includes a detailed outline of all 25 chapters, a character study of the heroine, and a description of the world  (It's a dystopic fantasy.)  I did that so I can start working on selling the book. From what I've read, it takes so long that you should start shopping it before you're finished with the book.