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*Thanks for your input. The polls are still open. I'll try to fill your requests in the coming weeks. *

Way back in April I posted a list of titles of stories I planned to blog about. Then I asked for people to make requests. No one really did. So we'll try again. I'm too involved with current dramas to write about them properly. The best I could do would be a series of stuff like this one. Not my finest post. And the men around here are only confusing and annoying me, so all my posts about them would probably sound annoyed and confused. This is why I'm pulling the list back out.

I have already posted some of the stories from that original list. Some I've alluded to previously, and others I decided to nix. As a bonus, we have new ones added.

Here's the list of stories to come, recycled and reconstituted.

1. Poet at the Met
2. MoTab Romance at Lincoln Center
3. Oops! I did it again: Kissing a friend
4. Uturd, Unlimited Nights and Weekends
5. How Low can I go? Address: Manhattan Homeless Shelter
6. Craig’s List Teasers
7. The George Chronicles (a series on my serious heartbreak)
8. The Slimy Father in Savannah
9. New Year's Eve and the Day After: I'm not psycho!
10. The Sunday School Stalker
11. Dating 101: If she puts her head on the table in the
restaurant because you won't stop talking, it's not going well.
12. Dating 102: If you beg her to take more Xanax before you even order dinner, it's not going well. (ok this is the same as 11)
13. The Man who Interrupted Breakfast
14. Surprise! We're on a date now I'm going to screw you over
15. Just because you may be perfect for me
16. The Creepy Secretary of the Math Dept.
17. My Extremely Foolish Fishing Trip
18. The Italian on the Liffey
19. Deal Breakers

...it's 3:30 so I can't think of anymore right now. ...

If any of these sound interesting or there's something you'd care to read about sooner rather than later, please leave a comment. Also, if there has been a guy or situation that I referred to in a post which you would like me to discuss or explain, please leave a comment about that too.

* Titles and stories are subject to change according to whim.

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetic exploits of me not having sex in the city.


Anonymous said...

the italian on the liffey please! 

Message from irishman

Anonymous said...

The problem with the list is that they all sound really neat, but at the same time, there is little to provide enough of a hook to make one stand out above the others (until after you've written it, of course).

Probably not the homeless shelter story, not yet.

Perhaps either your true heartbreak story or the funniest one in the bunch (which I wouldn't know from just the titles).

Your writing is engaging and interresting, so I think everyone is excited to realize it is going to pick up again. 

Message from Ethesis (Steve M)

Anonymous said...

I like number 3... I have made that mistake a few times in my life before. :) 

Message from Aimee Roo

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by number 3, as it is a terrible habit of mine too.

Also, 7 seemed good becuase it would be filled with angst and drama. Those always make for interesting reading.

The description for 11/12 made me laugh out loud, so those would be good.  

Message from katie

Anonymous said...

Utard! Utard!

I'm telling you, folks - I've heard this story as it happened. It's a good one! 

Message from Anonymous

Anonymous said...

#9!! :)

Message from Sandy

Anonymous said...

I need a refresher course on Dating, so getting Dating 101 and 102 could be a nice way to start. 

Message from dJake

Anonymous said...

I agree with dJake... Dating 101 and 102 sounds good! 

Message from Sarah Marinara

Anonymous said...

3 sounds pretty good; 9, 11 and 12 as well. And possibly 16 - 17. 

Message from Kaimi

Anonymous said...

Dating, what is dating? It sounds nice. But not.  

Message from Lisa

Anonymous said...


A new blog that reminded me, a little, of parts of this (only a little, but what the heck).

I still need to edit the html on mine.

And do another entry.


Message from Ethesis (Steve M)

Anonymous said...

13, 11, and 12. In decending order. 

Message from The Maximum Leader

Anonymous said...


Message from Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Heck, toss in the name, address and e-mail of the guy who walks around out of joint because he was mentioned in this blog ...


Message from Ethesis (Steve M)

Anonymous said...

thanks guys! I'll refer to your comments the next time I'm trying to figure out what to write about. And keep your comments coming.  

Message from JL

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