Sell Out!

I accepted the corporate job as an Admin Assistant to the Sales team of a global HR consulting company. I turned it down twice, but they wouldn't accept my answer. The truth is that it was obviously the better and grown up choice, I just didn't want to do it. However, I am also going to be teaching one night class this semester.

Am I excited about the job? No. I had to bite the bullet. But these people want me to finish my degree and stay on with them so they can promote me up. And, they have offices in the UK and Dublin, so maybe I will eventually have the possibility of moving.

Teaching was not working, I was not getting my research done.

I know this was the right choice because after each time I turned the job down, I started crying. But after I accepted the job, I felt ok. That's the best I can hope for. It is enough.


Kevin Barney said...

Congratulations! Seriously. I think this is absolutely the right call.

Ann said...

I agree with Kevin. I always agree with Kevin, but I think that's a Sign.

This will be GOOD for you. It will establish normalcy in your life. You need some normalcy now. A regular paycheck and a cell phone that works and ohmygosh HEALTH INSURANCE. It's the right thing. It is absolutely the right thing.

And you know, if it's not, you give two weeks notice before the next semester. But I think it will be a Good Thing, and you won't want to do that.

Stephen said...

Congratulations. If you couldn't teach and do research, it was time to find something more stable, at least for a while. I'm glad they are supportive of you continuing to work towards your degree.

For what it is worth, I find a lot of satisfaction in my job.

I wish you well.

N.F. said...

Congrats JL! That's awesome--way to go!

Erin said...

I think that is the best decision you ever made :) Although, at the same time I would have been in much despair over having to decide between the two. But I think the great thing is is that you can still continue to teach AND have stability :) Congrats!!!

jlang14 said...

So what part of the world do you live now?

a spectator said...

Marvelous--take full advantage of the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Take full advantage of the benfits..health insurance !!!!!

It's great you can still teach and keep your toes in the academic water...CONGRATS

Stephen said...

My daughter was home this summer, and right before she left to go back to BYU, we got to the story of her worst prom date.

A friend's mom insisted on double dates, so she went out to another school's prom so her friend could go with her boyfriend of the time.

They ended up at Ci Ci's Pizza (the guys decided to pocket the extra money they had gotten to take the girls out to dinner) with my daughter paying for it (the guys left the money home) and then the guys left the dance very, very early, so they could go back to the one guy's house and play video games.

Other than that, the brief time at the dance was mostly people coming up and being impressed at the good looking date the young man had gotten and comments that perhaps he wasn't gay after all ...

Oh, and the game of chicken in the parking lot of the pizza place, which put quite the dent in the other guy's parent's car.

Anyway, a lot of very bad date stories out there.

Raquel said...

Fine, JL, go make your big bucks but don't stop posting. I look forward to reading your blog soooo much. I think you're super great and you're writing is amazing. Good luck with everything!

Stephen said...

btw, funny story:


keep smiling, people care.

Lollygagger said...

Excellent choice!

By the way, I am dating a non-Mormon boy right now, and he absolutely does not pressure me in the physical realm at all. Those men are out there!