The 'International Playboy' Reconsidered

Just because I was angry, and I had a bad time, I assumed we couldn't be friends. How self-centered of me! Then a few days passed, I had some conversations, posted my blog therapy, and reconsidered things. Why did I think he was angry? Did he do anything angry? Nope. Nothing at all.

He spent the whole evening laughing. Even when I told him to do something obscene, and meant it as an insult, he doubled over howling. At one point during the movie, he slowly turned his head around to look at me, and I snapped, 'What are you looking at?' Again, he busted out laughing and said, "I guess nothing." He told me all about his weekend, all his stories made me laugh.

After the movie, we talked about trying to sneak into 'Sunshine'. Then he realized he couldn't because he wanted to catch a band at midnight. He said we'd go see 'Sunshine' the following week. I figured he didn't really mean it and I wouldn't hear from him again. Yet, I sent him an email the next day thanking him for joining me, just because it's the polite thing to do. He wrote back immediately, asking if I still wanted to see the movie next week. Yes, I told him to pick the day.

This really made me rethink the situation. One more date after a rejection is a pity date, I've had a few of those. Two more dates after a rejection is something completely different. But, these aren't dates. What are they? I have no idea. This is totally new. Clearly, he had a better time than I did at '16 Candles'. And, I only had a bad time because I was so upset. Did he seriously want to be friends? He's a straight man, that's weird, right? Unless he thinks we'll be friends for awhile, then I'll fall for him and give it up, which is quite possible.

International Playboy texted me Sunday asking if Tuesday was a good night for the movie. Absolutely. I decided to just have fun. Let go of the attitude. By the time Tuesday came around, I actually got excited about our whatever-it-was.


Michael said...

Amen Steff!

Really, straight guys aren't all only after sex- even some of those who feel it a necessary part of a romantic relationship.

I mean, why wouldn't somebody want to be friends with someone who likes stuff they like and whose company they enjoy?

Be friends. If one of you changes your mind about rules with dating then things can change. If not, you've still got a great friend.

I think he'll probably fall for you and then realize he can do without sex while being in love with someone.

Kevin Barney said...

Be sure to let us know what happens on Tuesday.

suzie2 said...

I say, even if it doesn't end up being romantic, you could sure use a friend like him! (Couldn't we all.)

And that could only enrich your life. Don't worry too much about titles or labels or whatnot. Enjoy yourself. It's time our favorite celibate have some truly happy moments -or at least, happy moments you blog about. :)h