Note: 'You can't always get what you want . . . You get what you need.'

Amen, Brother Mick. I need a friend, not another man trying to get into my pants.

International Playboy and I did go to another movie, "Sunshine", which was amazing. (It felt like a '2001' on steroids, but with Danny Boyle's touch of genius.) We had an awesome time. I've decided he is a good guy and he does really want to be friends. I don't think he has a creepy agenda or is trying to play any weird games with me. Surprised?--I was. Likewise, I will have no creepy agenda for him. We're just two people who like the same stuff and hang out (and who happened to kiss each other a whole lot one night and would probably like to do it again.) This experience has ripped my ingrained cynicism a new one, which is a good thing. It needed it.

Now that it looks like we're starting a real friendship, I don't want to blog about him to the whole universe behind his back. So that's the end. This concludes our 'International Playboy' series of posts.

Fear not, my voyeuristic readers! I went out with 4 other men this summer, and most of them could not even share the same zip code as the word 'normal'. Those stories to come starting this week . . .


Michael said...


I look forward to stories of the non-normal. (I think it will help me feel closer to normal to hear about the extremes)

Anonymous said...

way to go! Great attitude about this experience...and I'm sure he'll appreciate not being blogged about :)

Have you read the First Presidency Message in the Ensign? It's by Elder Faust, called "Welcoming Every Single One" it is excellent. It shows that the first presidency is very aware of the frustrations that single church members have. It also gives us single members some great advice. I highly suggest reading it.

(I tried to paste the web adress but it wouldn't work. Just go to www.lds.org and look in the bottom left corner for the article)

Stephen said...

"way to go! Great attitude about this experience...and I'm sure he'll appreciate not being blogged about :)"

Hope things go in a healthy and happy fashion for you.

N.F. said...

Thank you for your post. It's caused me to re-think some things on my own blog.

Matt said...

A question though to JL, "What is normal when it comes to men in the church?"

J.L. said...

Good question. Do we apply a different standard of normal to men in the church? And/or, should we do so? And-you are assuming I dated LDS men, (3 out of 4). I was using a more general standard that applies to all of humanity, although 'normal' is a normative word with little meaning.

I hope this is a good thing? If so, glad I could help!

Thanks for the link, I did read it. Sounds like he agrees with my manifesto. ;)

Thanks for hanging in there buddy.

I haven't been healthier in years.

N.F. said...

Absolutely a good thing! Thanks again! It's funny how reading something can cause a lightbulb to come on in your brain!

J.L. said...

That's great N.F.! Thanks for telling me!