September Spawn . . .

What a wild ride this month has been, drama, change, drama, change.... all is a whirlwind. Too much to keep up with on here. Mostly good things. Things that need their own posts, their own detailed examinations, things I need to share:
  • what happened when I confronted the bishop about how much the singles are neglected in our ward,
  • Why International Playboy earned the new name 'Farmer Ted' (of 16 Candles fame),
  • How my faith in my life choices has been restored--celibacy specifically,
  • Why I love NYC
  • The best worst movie ever made and the Mormon connection
  • The undergraduate class that shall heretofore be known as 'the gift from God'
  • My first business trip with room service
  • The corporation that therapists built
  • and the Canadian who makes Farmer Ted look like, Farmer Ted....

    Where to begin? Since it is Sunday, I should start with the faith-affirming events. But, I know my readers may be most interested in the unfolding of the I.P/Farmer Ted drama. Aha! They are one and the same my friends...

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, you know how to tease, JL. Sorry for not piping in ealier, but congrats on the job and the reshaping of things, as it were. It's a hard thing to choose a good job over the academic life sometimes. If the job would have come through for me, I probably wouldn't be working on the PhD right now. Nevertheless, good to hear things are moving along and seemingly better, as well.

    Jack G

    JL said...

    Jack G!

    Good to see you buddy! Thanks for the kind wishes. How's Ole Miss treating you?