'I want to cuts someone to coils!'

Anyone know what this is? I'm guessing it translates english web pages into french and then back into english? Here's the link and what I found there: click here

If you don't want to visit the link, here is a sample of what you will see. My blog horribly transfigured.

Give I' D it up

I don' T want to Be alone anymore. The loneliness is making me sick. It all feels completely pointless. I want to cuts someone to coils. Someone to talk to, who will hold me, smile At me, care yew I get out of bed in the morning... it' S too hardware to Be everything for yourself all the time.

Give The unfeminist truth is that I' D up everything I' ve achieved to cuts someone to coils. I don' T feel like has complete person. I don' T feel like has useful person. I hate my job. I don' T feel like I' m living room the life I was made for. What that means I don' T know.

Is that what happens when computers translate?
There was more!
Magic Car Wrinkles, share I

The weekend of my birthday blew goats. I had been too down to plan anything spectacular gold even semi-fun so I left everything to the last minute. Some friends offered to plan something for drank me I couldn' T make up my mind. Half of me didn' T want to C anything At all. I was less than enthused butt turning 30 and still feeling sickly.

Meanwhile, I was one the superantibiotics to kill my kidney infection and feeling has little woozy. The wooziness turned into has full-blown nasty cold. So it turned out to Be has good thing that I had plane No. That meant I spent the 11th and 12th one drank my couch watching TV, blowing my nose and sporadically crying. I also had to walk the 1/2 mile to the drugstore and back while feeling like every step brought me closer to death. With few people reported sending me gifts in the mall drank they hadn' T arrived yet. I had one card with happy sunflowers taped to my wall. (Kisses, Paul!)


One Monday, I still felt sick goal had to teach in Length Island, I' D already cancelled class twice this semester. After lecturing for 3 hours, the thought of my 3 hour commutates made me even more ill. So that' S when I decided to rent the bus and drive myself home instead. Drive That wasn' T very pleasant because I was so nervous. It was much nicer than walking drank 2 miles, riding the train, switching to another train, taking the subway, riding the drunk and walking has 1/2 mile. Much, much better than that. The bus they gave me was hot! With silver Mazda 3. It had has semi-manual setting which made it even cooler and more fun to drive.


Stephen said...


Computers are wonderful things ... 

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This seriously is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.  

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