Happy Easter and Passover

For those of you who may have forgotten what the single life is like...

Easter was nice. PBS had several good arts documentaries on in the afternoon. I enjoyed eating the other half of the cheese babka I bought on Saturday. (No, they didn't have chocolate. I could only dream what a chocolate babka tastes like.) But the cheese was very nice. My little ghetto kitty and I had some bonding time in which I threw colored balls with bells in them at her and she jumped and ran with joy. I also took her for a run up the stairs in my building and gave her an extended sniff of the front entryway. The weather was lovely.

I didn't talk to anyone because my mother was having dinner with my brother's in-laws all day. She usually calls me every Sunday but couldn't. I didn't feel like calling anyone either. But I did finish reading my latest fantasy book, "Sinner" by Sara Douglass. It was book 4 in a series and the whole thing mostly set the scene for the invasion of the plague demons from outer space. So it was unsatisfying because the book ends when they enter the star gate and commence to terrorize the world. But that's ok, it was entertaining enough.

For dinner I made myself a spinach and egg casserole (like a quiche without the crust.) I ate it as I watched the show about the giraffes. Good times. I ended the day with a nice little IM chat with a stranger. My toenails needed a touch-up so I planned to paint them in the evening but I didn't get around to it. Because I was so very busy.

I missed the community I had in Atlanta. A nice group of families from church would have invited me to spend a holiday such as this one with them. I don't have that here at all. Makes things a little more lonely.

By the way, single people should check out the newly restored blogward cultural hall A new member, Chris has put up two new discussion questions and I posted one last week too. We'd appreciate y'all's input.