Celibate Selections from the blogosphere

I don't often recommend blogs because there are too many good ones to keep up. But I did notice two in particular that I wanted to sugggest my readers visit.

The first blog: Sexless in the City by my dopple-blogger, Anna Broadway. She's also a celibate Christian living in Brooklyn. Though she seems a lot more fun than I am and has a more active love life. In this post she shares an anti-celibacy hate email and her response to such erudition.

The second is: Mission on Mars. It's written by a mormon missionary who keeps the blog secret for fear of retribution. Ever wanted to know what mission life was like? Read it here, the mish is an entertaining writer who has the cover of anonymity. This post describes what it's like to be without woman for 12 months. Missionaries have to stay at arm's length from all women. What does that do to a horney young man? Let him tell you.


Anonymous said...

Just for future reference: Your link to Mission on Mars in the sidebar doesn't work. There's a typo somewhere in the domain name. 

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