Sweet Single LIfe (Re-run)

I wanted to lighten things up around here. This is a re-run from 2005.  I'd like to see what readers enjoy about their single lives, so leave a comment and let us know. 

These are things that give marrieds reason to envy singles.  Here's a happy list of non-sucking things in my life that I may possibly miss if I ever get married: (In no particular order)
  1.  I answer to no one. I do whatever I want whenever I want.
  2. I stay up late without bothering anyone, I wake up late because no one wakes me up.
  3. Saturday mornings, (on the rare occasions I get up early enough) are for eating Lucky Charms or Count Chocula AND chocolate covered donuts while watching cartoons. My favorite is X-Men. Yu-Gi-Oh actually grew on me though I despised it at first. I've learned to appreciate it's wonderful badness.
  4. I can travel at a moment's notice without inconveniencing anyone.
  5. Body hair is my own private business and what I do or don't do with it is no one else's concern. [A man told me that women who are looking for boyfriends don't share my attitude. I scoffed at this person since he had just been kissing me.]
  6. No stress regarding other people. I only have my own problems to worry about.
  7. No contention in my home life. [Sometimes the cats need a scolding but they rarely shout back.]
  8. My poverty is my problem. There's no guilt for making other people live on stale bagels, eggs and beans.
  9. The remote control is ALL mine, pity the man who ever tries to take it from me.
  10. I don't have to listen to bad music in my own home.
  11. If I skip church, low guilt factor, I'm not preventing other souls the inspiration or enlightenment that church should provide.
  12. I spend my money at will.  If I need new shoes more than groceries or a metrocard, then I buy new shoes.
  13. Complete unpredictability of my life. Anything can happen at anytime. I can't even say where I'll be in 6 months. I love that.
  14. I have time to devote to my friends. If one is in crisis, I can drop everything to rush to their aid because I don't have other responsibilities in the way.
  15. When I feel lazy, I can have a can of pringles for dinner instead of bothering with real food and washing dishes.
  16. There's no one to disappoint other than myself.
  17. I can leave my clean clothes out for a week, putting away one class of item per day (Today it was underwear, tomorrow maybe socks or shirts.)
  18. Total professional freedom. If I got a job in London then I can go to London.
  19. There's no man saying  "Is it that time of the month?" because he doesn't like what I'm doing or saying.
  20. I don't have to do other people's laundry. (Although I will marry the man who will do mine.)
  21.  Food experiments in tupperware that got forgotten are allowed to blossom and grow of their own volition. --when I discover it, rather than cleaning the foul thing, I throw it out tupperware and all. (this is actually why I stopped buying tupperware.)
  22. My family is the only family I have to deal with, no in laws or other such scary things.
  23. No man pee on the bathroom floor or around the seat (except when some people have guests over but that's not often enough to be a problem.)  Really men, how hard is it to aim?
  24. I don't get big callings at church, I can disappear into the walls if I so choose.
  25. I can go to sleep with my music playing.
  26. No sharing of MY closet.
  27. Never worrying that maybe I could have done better, or maybe I made the worst mistake of my life, or this other person might betray me and destroy my life.
  28. Maybe I snore and maybe I don't. But no one else is snoring in my bed.
  29. I'm the only one losing my stuff. 
  30. If I hate my life I can change everything.
  31. No sacrifices to kids/babies/mortgages/someone else's career
  32. There's no end to the drama
  33. My problems only hurt me.
  34. I don't have to watch movies I don't like.  
  35. No one complains if I spend the entire weekend in my PJs eating pizza and watching TV or playing video games.
  36. I can sing badly as loudly as I want all day long.
  37. I can dance around the house as naked as I please whenever I please. (hopefully, in a good marriage that won't change).
(For the record, I wrote this in my 20s, so I have grown out of some of these-- especially the food. I might eat an apple pie from Yaffa's for breakfast-- BEST breakfast ever--but I try to lay off the lucky charms.)



Eliezer said...

Solitude. I can spend an entire day (or more!) without uttering a single word to another human. And no one is offended or asks what's wrong or thinks I need "cheering up."

tkangaroo said...

Books! I can read as many books as I want. And if I want to buy stacks of books and surround my bed with them, it is my prerogative!

Kami said...

Oh I'm in on the books thing! But I also get to keep my own schedule, and indulge any new hobbies I want to (my current new hobby: cake decorating).

b said...

'Books' is a great one, I miss reading when I want...

I'm on the other side of the fence, but sometimes I miss all my friends, I've always been friends with guys and we had a lot of fun, i didn't date any of them, just hung out, i was a bit of a tom boy... anyways... when you get married it all changes. one by one I lost all my guy friends, either we grew apart, or they got married and their wives felt threatened, etc...

I miss being able to answer old friends questions better..they say "so what have you been doing' and they list a long stream of interesting things, traveling, graduate school, crazy adventures..

and I think and think, and though I'm feel happy and content, I can only say.. well... I've organized things in my home, changed a lot of poopy diapers, am conquering potty training...took my 2 year old to see thomas the tank engine and it was so much fun to watch him..

they just stare.

seriously, nothing epic going on here, I miss being exciting to people...

though I do feel content everyday in my life and do enjoy all the little things, when i was single it seemed i was getting into one hairbrained problem accidentally all the time and always seemed to have good stories to tell and laugh over..

and though i still get into interesting scrapes they deal with parenting now and cooking, not epic storytelling any longer.

you've got mystery on your side and a lot of great adventures ..some yet ahead of you..

I just try to always live contentedly.

one thing you don't have to deal with is living with an obstinate man...

men just have certain qualities that make them men, and we wouldn't want to change them..but seriously they can be hard to live with.

i can be deathly ill, so can my son, so tired and sick and if my husband is tired...thats it... he goes to sleep,

or if theres a lot of work to be done and i'm exhausted, i keep going, but men don't. when they're done their done.

no amount of anything save adrenaline from a life or death event will alter them.

that is their nature... and that is very hard to deal with when your exhausted and need help and they don't feel the least bit guilty about not helping that day (or week, or month) until their more rested or less stressed from work...

now thats not to say my husbands a beast, he's actually one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet, he's just a man. so when it comes to those things... he reacts as any man would.

if he's rested he'd go above and beyond..give me anything I want, etc... but if he's not, or if he's hungry, watch out! and sick is the ABSOLUTE WORST... men are babies when they are sick and so frustrating to take care of...

it's just a man thing and very frustrating

I don't doubt that you'll be married, so enjoy the time of not having to deal with a part time 'man-child' lol


SavvyD said...

"If I hate my life, I can change everything."

Dude! That's so true!

I'm gonna go change some things.