Our Frank

and open, deep conversations,
they get me nowhere, they bring me down so...

Yes, I am back to quoting Morrissey. Next week I'm driving down to south to go to the show with my bestest friend in the whole world.

Back to more pressing issues. What is it still like to STILL be Celibate in the City?


Do you ever wonder how it is that you've gone through so much, all the drama, all the work, all the gosh darn experience, and yet, you are still in the same place? Still alone and bored on another Saturday night? How did I end up so stuck here? How did I drive my life into the ground like that?

More importantly, what am I going to do about it? I had hoped it would be an exciting and fun date-filled summer. I had a man all lined up for the job. A great guy. But, he's just not that into me. Crap. I found him online. We went out 3 times, but spent 2 months courting each other via email, text and the phone. I must disappoint in person. The one or two of you who may have e-crushes on my blog personality should keep that in mind. I'm better in your imagination.

My plunge into insanity did destroy my social life, and I don't know how to re-create it. It gets much harder each year. As people get married and move away, move on, they fade from your phone contact list.

Any suggestions?

I'm too old for the singles ward so don't even breathe that blasphemy.

P.S. When I updated my template to the dumb version, to fix my comments, I thought it said that blogger would save a copy of my old template so I could revert to it later. Yet, I don't see it anywhere. Any help? It makes me sick to think that all the work I did on my blog is just gone. I want to restore all my links to everyone and everything else.


Ann said...

Are you not still in Florida? Such huge gaps in the story. Enjoy the trip to Georgia. This is a Charlie Daniel's song waiting to be sung...

The Devil went down to Georgia [s]he was looking for a soul to steal...

No suggestions at all about guys.

Michael said...

OK, I won't mention singles ward blasphemy- but aren't there mid singles activity groups? (usually 25-40) that do some cool things in NYC?
Lately I just figure I'm going to stay single forever.


noelle f. said...

So SO glad you are back to your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've had a similar experience after moving home to live with my parents for a while in my late twenties. It takes time and effort to re-create a social life. you have to make effort to reconnect with people and make new friends. Join a group or don't be afraid to ask someone to meet you for lunch or to go to dinner or to the movies. A person doesn't have to be your best friend for life, they can just be a fun dinner partner.

I've found that meeting people to date will take care of itself if I just live my life doing things that interest me and reach out to people that I want to have friendships with. I know it's hard to rebuild after a major life upheaval. Hang in there. I'm so glad to see you're blogging again.