What a difference

Lord, what a dif' - rence a day made!

There's a rain - bow be - fore me.

Skies a - bove can't be stor - my

Since that mo - ment of bliss, that thrill - ing kiss.

What a dif' - rence a day made --

And the dif' - rence is you.

--Words & Music by Maria Grever & Stanley Adams
Recorded by Dinah Washington, 1959
Thanks to the Guitar Guy for lyrics, he's listed the chords too if anyone is interested.

Ok, it's cheese on a cracker. But sometimes, occaisionally, it's true. (I wrote this post 6 days ago.) Except I'll always prefer storm clouds to rainbows. I find the sublime beautiful and moving. Rainbows are just pretty. (I'm not being metaphorical. I don't prefer bad things over good things. I just don't like that metaphor because I love storms.) It might snow tonight? It's snowing in Philly, that would be perfect.

My poor mother called and was so confused. She said "You certainly sound a lot better." She said it in a puzzled and accusatory way. Demanding explanation. I said, "I had a lot of fun yesterday. Steph and Paul were in town and we had a good time. She flew up and Paul drove in, so. And my classes are over, so I don't have to teach anymore, so that stress is gone too. That's why." Which is all very true. But there was a little more to my improved mood. She knew I was being less than honest. She'll be all over it if I'm getting phone calls from a boy while staying with her for Christmas. She can wait until then. There is no reason to get her all excited yet.