Rejection Round-up

So I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I'm going to indulge in that. Here is a list of the men who have rejected me and the reasons why. The order is chronological from the most recent down.

Uturd: He said it's because I don't work out and he doesn't like my cat, but I think he was afraid of me.
Russian: A prof from another school I asked out via email in a moment of insanity. Ouch.
Kyle: Said our friendship was too important to risk on a romance
George: We had broken up already so things were off but still on (long story). Then he got married.
Vince: Ran away from me whenever we were in the same room so I never got to hear his reason. Although it probably had something to do with the psycho phone call I made while messed up on cough syrup. You yell at someone's voicemail once....sheesh!
George: He said he didn't know what he wanted and was confused. Since I was moving to NY and he was 23 I let that slide. (I had big plans for us that he just didn't know about yet.)
David: Wanted to get back with his ex-girlfriend/best friend and told me this at a Valentine's Dance. (Yes, a church one)
Slick: My best friend and her boyfriend tried to set us up and we met but he said I wasn't his type.
George: One year earlier, he's an RM. I talk and flirt with him at a dance, he just turned and walked away without a word.
Jewish: I wasn't jewish and he was afraid I wanted to convert him
Sleazy: Decided to move back to Florida to shack up with his ex-girlfriend. I didn't really fit in the picture anymore but he still wanted to make-out before he left. I was young and stupid...
George: Two years earlier, I started flirting and talking to him at a dance but he told me he was going on a mission.(Same Matt as above)
Randy: My best friend's friend's best friend. They both wanted to set us up but since it didn't happen I assume he nixed the plan.
Italian Ska-boy Muslim: Very hot! I'm not sure he even knew I wanted him, but he did offer to set me up with The George. (Before we even met)
Redneck: Because I wasn't willing to quit school so we could get married, and I didn't shave my legs for him--he decided I was trashy and unfit to be a wife and mother. I'm lucky I escaped that one!!!
GaTech Frat Boy: Never called me back after he was my date to a college dance. (I asked him)
The Physical Trainer: Stood me up on the date I asked him out on
The DJ: Stopped returning my calls. I think because he met someone who was easy.
Some guy my mom's friend set me up with. Never heard from him after our 'date'. Surprise Surprise.
My first boyfriend (high school): We were both too shy to even kiss so after 6 months he called it off, terribly breaking my heart. I pined for him for the next three years...we stayed friends.

That takes us back as far as memory should go. There were many more I pursued that came to nothing but I've forgotten them.

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetic exploits of me not having sex in the city.