In love again...

It is a whole new day. I am in love again. It happened when watching the Fashion Shows on TV this weekend [(NYC TV--ch. 25) or Fullfrontalfashion.com ] I noticed that the music was freaking awesome. Music I had never heard before, and yet it sounded so familiar. I had to know the names of these bands! What was going on!?!? I stayed up all night on the computer researching, from one url to another and another and another...and I am smitten.

The 'new' britpop is the unbelievably awesome amalgamation of 80s new wave and 90s shoe-gazer/britpop. Hallalujah! It makes me so excited, almost painfully so, that I no longer have the need for a man. I feel just like I did at age 13 when I discovered college radio. It's the music I've been waiting for my whole life. Think The Cure meets Blur or The Clash meets the Stone Roses...CAN IT GET ANY BETTER??? I think not.

[If you know the group 'Sparks' from late 70s/80s--this is what music would sound like if they took over the world. Holy Crap! Sparks released a new album this year. Ha hahhahaha How is it that this 40 year old band doesn't have the accolades they deserve? But I disgress...]

I should be working, but I can't. I can't even eat, my lunch arrived 90 minutes ago and I'm starving. But I just bought/downloaded my first MP3: Haunted by Cut Copy. I also bought a CD after class this morning: Boxer by The National.

Here are some other bands I'm checking out. (I'll put in links later. I suggest going to YouTube where you can hear the whole song.)I read one review where they called this Nu-Rave. Very appropriate name. Some of the songs from these bands need work, but they are very young. They have the time to master their skills. In the meantime, enjoy:

*Mystery Jets
*Black Kids
*The National
*Cut Copy
*Tokyo Police Club
*Laura Marling (runs the same show circuit in Britain with the other bands, but more folky like Suzanne Vega)

(If you know more bands of this genre, please let me know!)


Stephen said...

Congratulations, that is a wonderful post.

Nicole said...

I am glad you are here.

Rachel said...

Have you checked out The Kooks? I had a torrid, guilty affair with them for a good three months. Morrissey/Smiths didn't even make it through the speakers that whole time... But we've spoken and we're back together now.

I have heard Cut Copy and really liked them, but I was so engrossed with The Kooks that I didn't give them a chance. Maybe I should go buy their CD... I recently bought a Silver Seas CD. You should check them out too. :)

V said...

Hey great to know you found some great new music to listen to. I recently heard some music from a band called "Beta Band" while watching Jools Holland show. I thought they were pretty interesting. I'll try checking out those bands you mentioned.

N.F. said...

Glad you are back and doing well!