Introducing Queen Wilamina

Kitty is a fellow celibate virgin. I got her spayed before she went into heat so she has never known a Tom.

Wilamina was angry and hopped up on catnip here. She's still obese when this was taken Christmas before last. For a time, while my sister took care of her, she got so fat so no longer had a neck or chin. She looked like an egg or a weeble wobble. I think she ate so much because she missed me, and/or felt abandoned. It took 6 months for her to forgive me for leaving her behind in Georgia. I didn't know what the pet situation would be in the school apartments, so I left her temporarily with my sister in my old apartment. Pets were not allowed. But, rules were made to be broken. I took in a dying feral stray in October, one cat, two cats, it's all the same.

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