I'm not dead yet

I think this is the longest time I've gone without posting. It was a nice break truthfully. I didn't get my internet installed until a few days ago and I don't want to blog at the office with a computer shared by 10 people. I am sorry for the neglect.

I'm doing fine. The first week of May I spent unpacking and settling in. The second week of May I got really sick from all the pollen and my allergies which turned into a sinus infection and I had to go on antibiotics. I'm not sure they worked so I might have to go another cycle. I had planned to post something this weekend but my cat was on verge of dying. The vet told me she probably had cancer which is untreatable. But we have to wait for the results from all the expensive tests they did which I can't afford. Thank you, Visa.

Last week I also had to meet with my boss who informed me that I was only reappointed for the fall out of the goodness of his heart. He then told me all the things I'm doing wrong and what I have to do to secure my job for the spring. I didn't cry in front of him which I'm quite proud of. But I did spiral down into an ugly depression. A few days required sitting in my apartment in the dark, crying. I've gotten over it now though. Life goes on.

I love living alone. My apartment is awesome! I'll write more details of life in Jersey soon. Right now I have to make a final exam and then get to my office to grade lots of stuff before I have to give the exam tonight. Fun, Fun. For the record, I'd like to tell the world that giving an exam has got to be one of the most boring tasks in the world. Really, you have to sit there and stare at the class for 2 hours. I almost hope I catch someone cheating just to break up the monotony.

Be back soon.

P.S. If you are curious as to the whereabouts of the disappearing posts, I took one down because it hurt someone's feelings. Not that he told me directly since he won't admit reading this but message received. (Although, you kind of deserve it for your blog denial don't ya think? I'm kidding. Sort of.)