Here's an idea: Ask the Celibate

My blog hits were ominously low this weekend....due to my big announcement perhaps? Or perhaps due to the cold weather instead? hmmm. Well, here's an idea. More than one person has suggested I do a dating advice column on the blog. I've gotten a number of emails from people asking my opinion on their specific problems. And several of my friends come to me frequently for dating advice. Somehow, I've become this source of dating advice. So, maybe while I get over the boredom of my own dating stories, I can entertain my readers with YOUR dating problems.

This is an experiment: If you have a question email it in and I'll see what I can do. If you do have a question for the celibate that you'd like posted then write 'Ask the Celibate' or something akin to that in the subject line or somewhere in the email. Anonymity will be respected.

This new feature entirely depends on reader response. And I make no guarantees on the quality of the advice.
I'm still single myself, keep that in mind. Also, I'm still a virgin so don't ask me questions about how to execute various sexual positions because I can't help you. That's what the Kama Sutra is for, it even has diagrams. (I know because I've seen them myself!)

What are my qualifications for this? I write a blog which makes me an automatic expert in everything as you all know. I've been dating for almost 13 years, only one year of which did I not have a date. I'm a woman. I have enough close man friends to know a thing or two about them. I'm celibate so maybe that's given me a more objective viewpoint on things. I've avoided long term relationships so I know all about the beginnings of relationships and the game of the chase. More than I ever wanted to know. My overly analytical nature may have afforded me some insights, whether errant or true I can't say. But they are there nonetheless.

The Celibate is not liable for anything you may do as a result of her advice. Nor is the Celibate liable for any of the following side effects which may occur as a result of reading her advice.
Advice may cause headaches, diarhea, heart attacks, leprosy, and permanent insanity. Also known to cause other psychical ailments such as loneliness, bitterhood, maladjustment, delusions, disturbances in sexual identity and Morrissey obsessions (these are sometimes co-morbid conditions).
Ask at your own risk

This does not mean I have abandoned my new plans to expand the scope of CitC beyond my dating life. This is merely one aspect of that attempted expansion.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not just your site getting low hits. If possible, mine would have gone into the negative digits this weekend. Was there an anti-blog strike that no one told us about? 

Message from Kwirki Girl

Anonymous said...

It's very possible. So how come no one told us? The hits have recovered to normal today so I think it's all cool. Thanks for the heads up though. 

Message from JL

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