The Wandering Celibate

Ha ha, I'm such a loser. The lease I signed says August 14, 2004. So, the university told us we had to clear out on July 31. I couldn't find a new place by then so I decided to stay where I was since my lease still had 2 weeks on it. It's illegal for them to make us move out early and break the lease that way. (The university rented a bunch of apartments and then subleased bedrooms to students.) That's what I told the guy on Saturday when he came to inspect the apt.s to make sure everyone had left. He was not pleased. This morning, ConEd turned off the power in my apt. Now, everyone I asked about the matter told me that the school could not kick me out and could not break the lease that way. This morning I made some phone calls to housing offices in the city about the electricity. They told me to call the police. So I called the po-po this morning and told them my power was cut off when I still had 2 weeks left on my lease. But I also mentioned that there were complications with the lease, the building owner said the university didn't have to the right to give me a lease to the 14th and that I was in the building illegally. I tried to ask the police officer about this and he just said that was for housing court to work out. He sent a car to the building to make them turn my power back on.

Yay for me. Until I showed the nice officers my lease and the little clause that says the school can terminate the contract at any time and for any reason. The police said they couldn't do anything, I signed that contract so I had to get out. Eventually I'd get served with an eviction notice. Of course, that will take 30 days but they can't make them turn the electricity back on. Yikes. Personally, this looks like a shady lease and I wonder if it's legal anyway. But, I can't afford to find out So, fun fun.

The branch prez from church has said I could stay in their apt. while they are on vacation for the next two weeks. Now I have to deal with my stuff. I'm afraid to leave it in the building because they could change the locks and I'd be screwed. Does anyone know the law about this? Can they legally throw my stuff out on the street without serving me an eviction notice?

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