So sorry but

I have been 'packing since 10 pm and it's now 6 am and i have completed almost nothing because I have ADD and packing is a total nightmare for me. I feel like I've been stuck in a mirror maze funhouse for hours and hours and hours. I can't organize, or keep track, or make little decisions....I leave in about 8 hours and have nothing packed and still have errands to run. So, I'm not going to be able to write about my date until later. I really meant to. This wasn't supposed to be this bad. I always forget I'm so packing-retarded.

I want to scream. I did scream. Several times. Check back in a couple days. But I can tell you HT called to say goodbye and to give me his email address. The last thing he said was that he'll see me when I get back and we can talk about stuff. Unless he is in Spain for the rest of the summer. So, if he's around I guess we'll discuss our dating or not. I'm leaning towards not.

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetic exploits of me not having sex in the city.