I have to move to Ireland!

I'm here safe and sound now. I didn't arrive very soundly since I hadn't slept in two days straight and had to wait until 2 pm to get into my room. I arrived at 6 am. Since then I have slept more soundly then I can remember. I actually took a nap this afternoon! I haven't had a real dead-asleep nap in more than a year. It's so wonderful to wake without stress, to breathe the clean air, smell trees on the rain. I saw the Book of Kells on Saturday and a very cool statue of Oscar Wilde reclining on a large stone in a bright green smoking jacket and he's wearing gold rings. I've been wandering around a lot, that's my favorite thing to do in a new city. Went to church today and it was fantastic. Got invited to the YSA fireside at the stake center tonight and was given a ride by one such single!

My posts from here will be shorter. It costs 2 euros for 40 minutes which is 2.60 us. But, I've already got stuff to write about after tonight and I'm probably going to a YSA party/fhe tomorrow night too!

My first impression which hasn't changed yet is that Ireland is the South of Britain. And I mean that in a positive way. The people are much friendlier than England and Scotland and it's cleaner and they seem to take a lot more care with the appearance of the town and buildings.

I LOVE IT HERE!! I Love the Lord, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see this part of the world. I'll try not to waste a minute of it.
Read more later.

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetic exploits of me not having sex in the city.