Celibacy is hip again? *Updated*

Welcome Morrissey fans and googlers. This post does not have the information you are seeking. But, having done the same search you have I can say that I found nothing useful on-line. Some rumors about a current love were discussed on the fan forum at Morrissey-solo.com sorry I can't find the link to the exact thread, though it was based on specious assumptions made by a dutch journalist.
However, according to the book by Mark Simpson,Saint Morrissey (which every fan should read), Morrissey is probably no longer celibate. He argues that Moz is no mystery, one need only listen to his lyrics to know what is happening in his life. This seems likely. Simpson writes that Moz probably had an affair with his driver and a former boxer during the Vauxhall & I album-writing period. Check the lyrics and liner notes. But according to the lyrics of his following album, released the next year, it was not a long relationship. The new album certainly sounds like Mozzer is in love (at least in like) with someone who actually returns his affections! And it's been many years since he has come out and said he was celibate.

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Just a quick note. I've been getting quite a few hits from google and yahoo searches for "Morrissey + celibate", so I checked out the search results myself. I found this old Observer article on a growing celibacy movement. The article is from 2000 so maybe it was ahead of it's time, or maybe the prediction hasn't come into fruition. I don't know. What do you think?

Is Celibacy the Best Sex?

Here is a book review about a book on one woman's guide & stories of her celibate dating. It appears there is a celibacy movement among African American women. The review is every interesting.

The story mentioned that NY and LA haven't caught on to the growing phenomenon of "born again virgins", in my experience that is true, at least for the east coast side of things. But, I know a lot of people who aren't promiscuous because they don't think it's worth the risk of disease, and some aren't into casual sex because they say it's not worth the complications without the rewards of a relationship. I remember the way movies depicted sex in the 80s when I was a kid. When I compare that to the way single people I know actually live their lives, with few sexual encounters, there's a big disparity. I assume this is because our cultural attitudes towards sex have changed in the last 20 years or the movies lied. Do my readers have opinions on this? Please comment below.

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