Nature is a language, can't you read?

Farmer Ted only made me cry once during Morrissey week. Which isn't bad considering I went to the Monday night show with him, that's when I made him cry. On Tuesday, I had to watch him with his girlfriend from the mezzanine. But Morrissey makes everything feel better, for a few hours.

Before the last concert, Ted sent me an ugly text reply to my teasing one. He was upset because I didn't help him move to BedStuy with my car. !!! Seriously, what in the world would induce me to help that man move?? I am not his girlfriend, we have a weird friendship which borders on the abusive, he didn't ask, furniture will not fit in my car, he has a good job so he can afford movers, I had friends in town, two of which I hadn't seen in 2 years, AND I had Morrissey tickets for that night! It's not my fault he chose that weekend to move. Not only do I have all those reasons, but there is NO WAY I am ever driving my car into BedStuy! If I never step foot in BedStuy again, it will be too soon. He knows how bad it was for me. What a creep!

I told him not to move there. Of course, he knows better than I do. "It's the nice part of the neighborhood." Umh-huh. We'll see. Ted's attitude is asking for trouble. Folks in the hood don't mess with white girls, aside from the occasional "Hey did you see Jungle Fever?" However, arrogant, young, skinny, snot-nosed white boys parading through the neighborhood are different. Especially if someone sees how disrespectful he is to his little girlfriend. I can see him making some smart-a** comment to a dude sitting on the stoop who might jeer him . . . I just hope he has the wisdom to keep his mouth shut. But maybe I'm wrong. I hope so.

Regardless, this is finally it for me with Farmer Ted. (I can't stop blogging about him because he is such a piece of work.) He has finally killed the last of my sad romantic feelings for him. (So I'm not sure why I cried on Sunday . . .)

I have figured out why I haven't walked away already. The mildly abusive nature of our relationship feels like family to me. That's what you do with family, put up with them, and keep going back for more.


TOWR said...

Coyness is nice and coyness can stop you from saying all the things in life you'd like to. ;)

Now that I know you're a Smiths/Morrissey fan, I think I shall be dropping by much more often! How did you like the show? I liked this show better than the one earlier this year. But let's be honest, they were both awesome.

PS That guy sounds like a douche.

NF said...

HOLY FREAKING CRAP. This guy of which you post about is I SWEAR CL's twin or other half, or something.

We need to IM sometime. Do you do that?

JL said...

but if there's something you'd like to try, ask me I won't say no how could I?

Well said. But, he makes me laugh. Going out with him is fun. So, until someone better comes along to occupy my time...

IM? not so much. It's too slow paced for me, unless I'm IMing 5 people at once. You can email me if you like.

Michael said...

so- I'm obviously curious about what was removed.

Any update on "George"?

JL said...


It was the latest Farmer Ted drama. And it was a big one. But, he and I have been friends for 5 months now, which is longer than most of my relationships. I started to feel guilty for posting it, so I took it down. Basically, he did something atrocious, I called him a name, he said I misunderstood, we both apologized and made up.

George? MIA.

Nicole said...

JL, I've missed you.

i i e ee said...

I've missed you too.

Stephen said...


Hope you survive and thrive through Christmas, and that your recent silence is a sign that things are going well ...

With hope.

Stephen said...

I ran into:

and thought of your blog.

Hope you are well.

michelle said...

are you married now...were are you post?

chris said...

JL...where did ya go? I have a sneaking suspicion your celibate day are over.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I stumbled upon this blog from the Mormon feminist blog and can I say that I'm rather shocked to see that Mormon woman is also a Morrissey fan.

I'm rather anti-Mormon, my best friend converted and has become the complete antithesis of who she once was, but anyway... it's nice to see Mormon can have a personality - Moz fans are quite the persons.

Anyway... don't feel bag about being single or celibate. Guys shouldn't be your main concern, you're living your life in the big city and that's all that matters. What God has destined for you will fall into place when it should.