Post- Blizzard 06 report

Here's a quick update on my health. I'm sorry to have given some of you a scare. I'm going to be ok. Today I had the ultrasound. I tried to get it done on Tuesday but when I got there they told I was supposed to be fasting. The facility was filthy by the way. It looked like that hadn't cleaned the waiting room in weeks. It was unpleasant but didn't take too long and could have been worse. I didn't even have to strip. But I was alone with the technician in the room and that made me nervous. I thought a third person was always supposed to be present in those types of situations. He didn't tell me anything other than to call me doctor in 4 days.

Meanwhile, my 3 days of antibiotics are over and I felt better until yesterday afternoon. I started feeling sick again before teaching my second class of the day. I had cancelled classes last Friday and Monday due to my feeling so bad. Tuesday and Wednesday morning I felt much better. But by that afternoon I had to sit while lecturing which is not as effective. I also let the class out early. I've noticed that my mental acuity fades when the fever swells. I felt so weak I even paid for a cab ride to the train station from the campus. It's a 2 mile walk but I usually hike it. I knew I'd miss my train if I tried.

lucky for me though I found I have a prescription for more antibiotics. The doctor wrote me the scrip then gave me free samples instead. I meant to get it filled tonight since I'm feeling so crappy but I put it off until it was too late and all the pharmacies are closed--one of the many disadvantages of not living in the city where there are 24 hour pharmacies. Of course, I could take a bus into Manhattan and find one of the drug stores but, ugh, I'm too tired. I have to go in tomorrow to teach my double class, it's 2 1/2 hours long so I'll get the meds then. I can't cancel again since I did last week. This being sick thing sucks. At least I don't have to blame my mental state for this one though.

Tonight I emailed two long-lost friends. I'm very proud of myself. I'd let them both go last year as I let everything in my life go. I wrote apologies and explanations to both of them. I have a long list of people I need to email similar letters to. I'm haunted by the people I've lost.

The Blizzard of 06 was amazing and beautiful! I loved it. I didn't have to shovel any of it of course nor dig out my car or navigate through 2 feet of snow on the road. I've never seen so much snow in my life. Which was very exciting. It started snowing Saturday afternoon while I sojourned to the health clinic and didn't stop until late Sunday afternoon. The snow plow came down our street three times during the night while I was still awake.

Sadly, today it is all melting because it is something like 60 degrees outside! I guess it's good it won't get dirty and ugly. I was disappointed there were no snowmen. Some of the drifts after the shoveling were 4 feet high. I wanted to make a snowman and might have if I'd felt better. I also wish I'd felt well enough to go to Central Park. I always like to see the snow there. I don't think I'll ever get used to the snow.

Valentine's Day was anti-climatic. I ate ice cream and watched TV. Last year at this time I had two men calling me for dates and one man I was dating. He didn't call me on V-Day because he was angry and punishing me though I had no idea. Mature, huh? But I did buy myself some roses this year. I had decided to be my own Valentine. The roses are an unusual color, rust on the inside and cream on the outside. Very Victorian looking. Surprisingly, my ghetto cat hasn't eaten them yet. Well, my deceased cat was the one who always ate my flowers, but this one likes to knock them over and shred them for fun. She started to mess with them but I yelled and she desisted. She has a new game of climbing my clothes drying rack like a jungle gym and that has kept her occupied.

It's hard for me to write because my the sickness makes me feel weird, like I can only think one sentence at a time. So that's all for tonight. I'll keep y'all updated on the state of my kidneys. My father has agreed to finance any necessary procedures, that's good because he's the money bags of the family. Good night. Thank you for all your concern.