midnight babbling

It's a sleepless night in the celibate house. Probably due to the bag of Doritos I had for dinner. Not my best choice. I had a bad day. Which is too bad because last week was all right. I'm on the 3rd round of antibiotics for my UTIwhatever problem. I had the ultrasound last Thursday but I won't get the results until March 11. That was the soonest appointment at the clinic. Meanwhile, the kidney stones or whatever get to ravage my tu track for 3 more weeks. And that appointment is only to hear the results, I'm sure I'll have to make another one to have something done about it. Hopefully I'll be sent somewhere else so I won't have to wait so long.

They offered me 3 classes to teach in the fall in Long Island. I had decided not to do it after the day when it took me 5 hours to get home because I missed the first train by 30 seconds and the nest train after it wasn't stopped long enough for me to get inside before it took off. But now I don't know. My pops thinks I should stay there because I'm building a career. But it's so obviously not a good idea. It costs me 160 a month to commute out there--not including the occasional $50 cab ride required on the days when I miss my train out of Penn Station. That's already happened once this semester. And this school pays only 2,300 per class instead of the 2.700 I can expect from schools in the city. Yes, you read that number correctly. 2,300 per section per semester. So teaching 3 classes in the fall would be a whopping 6,900.

This is all foolishness. I need friggin health insurance. I need to pay my credit cards. I'm fed up with the poverty. Of course, even if I got health insurance this summer then whatever is wrong with me now won't be covered as it will be a pre-existing condition. I'm just so over this nonsense.

On a sidenote, one kind soul in the D.C. area is making me mixed cds. Hooray! As I told him a new CD is like Christmas in the celibate house. Thank you again. I have to get up in 5 hours then drag myself 3 hours to boohooville. Yeah. The reasoning behind that choice seems very faraway and foreign to me now. Good night.

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Harold C. Hutchison said...

If you'd like some CDs... drop me an e-mail with an address. Maybe I can help out on that front... 

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