Procession of Ghouls at St. John the Divine Cathedral

Here's a video of the event. This was last year's. 

I love New York.


Eliezer said...


Matthew Johnston said...


I am so thankful for your blog!
Check this clip out: http://sourceflix.com/the-bible-vs-the-book-of-mormon/

- Matthew

Notes From The Glass Ceiling said...

Matthew Johnston,

What...are you trying to make people ex-Mormons? I saw your clip and it is just like all the other stilted and sad attempts to undo the Book of Mormon. Never have I known any one of these to actually interview active Mormons in order to defend themselves. Until then, such lame attempts to disprove the Mormon religion means less than nothing and only proves the ignorance of the producers and those who try to peddle it.

There is a reason Mormonism is popular, and it has everything to do with its provability, logic, and presence of the Spirit of God. Furthermore, it is safe to say that if Mormonism is not true, then you can pretty much cancel all religion as having any real solid truth to it at all. Seriously, if all you know about Mormonism is what you get from anti-Mormon rhetoric, you really have missed out. And if you are Mormon and are looking for a reason to leave because you can't live the standards, just admit it...and stop looking for alterior motives for why you are really leaving.

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