Good news for a change

Last week I was totally rejected. On sight too. The good news is that it didn't hurt me. Not one little teeny tiny iota. I don't care. Woo hoo!!!! Never before in my whole life have I been able to say that. Even if I didn't care about whatever dude it was, it always cut me to the bone. So I was right that I have undergone a major emotional re-structuring. Maybe it's just age. Whatever. This makes my life easier from now on, and I can conduct my social life in a manner more befitting a 30 year old. (Kill me now!-I'm kidding. It's all ok.)

The bad news is that it reconfirms my prejudices against LDS men. Oh well.

But, the other good news is that my kidney infection, which I suffered for 3.5 months is now gone. My friend finishing medical school sent me the right antibiotics. It's amazing what not having an infection in a major organ does for one.