OUCH!! Cruella DeVille in the house

My poor home teacher finally got dumped by the primary pianist after she strung him along for 2 months. She was pretty rotten about it too. After two months of her saying, "Let's be dating friends", cancelling on him a few hours before their plans, and insisting she didn't want something serious. Yet, she also confused him by taking him on a snow-boarding trip, doing Valentine's Day with him, calling him 'honey'/'sweetie' and phoning him everyday. Not serious? She gave him the keys to her car so he could move it for her! That's serious, sister. Last week he invited her over to do FHE at his place, which they did every week. She called him to say 'no' and broke it off. She told him they couldn't date because she, "doesn't see him as a provider". Ouch! And, "I want someone who can bring to the table what I can bring." (she must mean salary-wise, she pays 1200 a month for rent.) But she says it has nothing to do with money. Right. Girlfriend, if you want a suit from wall street, then you should leave the artists living in the ghetto alone. You give the rest of woman-kind a bad name. Honey, Can you see Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree?
She only gave him one kiss that whole time. He said she's the coldest woman he's ever dated. He told me this because he got annoyed that Utah boy came here for 5 days and I let him give me a nasty cold. (I had fun though)

Come back for more TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetically hilarious exploits of not having sex in the city.

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