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Dating Adventures 2002-Present

1. SpideyMan: Superhero-Bootycaller
2. Poet at the Met
3. Dysfunctional Dater
4. MoTab Moments at Lincoln Center
5. Pub Games: Rutgers vs. MIT
6. Oops! I did it again: Kissing a friend
7. Utah-Boy, Unlimited Nights and Weekends
8. Did I mention I have a girlfriend?
9. Subway Subtext
10. How Low can I go? Address: Manhattan Homeless Shelter
11. The Village Loft Party shut down by NYPD
12. "Hi Sweetheart", street pick-ups
13. Craig’s List Teasers
14. My Last Heartbreak: The Matt Chronicles (a series)
15. The Slimy Single Father in Savannah
16. A New Year's Kiss and the Day After: I'm not psycho!
17. The Sunday School Stalker
18. Dating 101: If she puts her head on the table in the
restaurant because you won't stop talking, it's not going well.
19. Dating 201: When your girlfriend prefers the couch to your bed, it's not going well.
20. The Man who Interrupted Breakfast

*Not necessarily in this order, in fact, most probably not in this order. Titles and stories are subject to change according to whim.

*If you have a preference for which one comes next, leave a comment below with your vote.

Come back for TRUE stories of the strange, sad and pathetically hilarious exploits of me not having sex in the city.

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